To power up your Trezor device and start using it, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Trezor device from the official Trezor website or an authorized reseller.
  2. Carefully unbox your Trezor hardware wallet when it arrives. Inside, you will find the Trezor device, a USB cable, and other necessary items.
  3. Plug your Trezor into your computer using the provided USB cable.
  4. Open your web browser and go to, the official setup and initialization page provided by Trezor.
  5. Select your Trezor model on the "Get Started" page. You will typically have the option to choose between Trezor One and Trezor Model T.
  6. Download and install either the Trezor Bridge (for Windows) or the Trezor Suite (for macOS and Linux), depending on your operating system. These are software applications that help manage your Trezor device.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Trezor Bridge or Trezor Suite on your computer. After installation, launch the software.
  8. Set up your PIN code for your Trezor. This PIN is used to unlock the device each time you connect it to your computer.
  9. Write down your 24-word recovery seed phrase on the provided card or another safe and offline location. This seed phrase is essential for recovering your wallet in case your Trezor is lost or damaged.
  10. Confirm your recovery seed by entering a few words from the list to ensure you have recorded it correctly.
After completing these steps, you will have successfully set up your Trezor wallet and can start managing your cryptocurrency holdings through the Trezor Suite software